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Our Process

Together we Tailor a unique approach for your Goals

Together we create a unique approach that continues to set us apart from other firms and helps us to tailor your financial plan specifically to you.

Our six step process is simple yet effective. It starts with getting to know your personal values, unique challenges, and current financial picture. Initially, you meet with your advisor three times, custom tailoring a plan that works toward your personal legacy goals.

Between meetings your advisor is working for you to develop strategies, address issues, and align investment solutions. Then your advisor will coordinate with wealth team experts such as a CPA, attorney, and insurance agent to implement your plan to the highest standard.

Once finished, you are started on your path toward your wealth management goals.

After the initial onboarding process you will begin our ongoing high contact service model. Your advisor monitors your progress toward your legacy goals and adjusts your financial plan as your life continues to unfold.

our Unique 6-Step Process is simple yet effective:

Step 1: Together, you and your advisor discuss how to personalize a plan just for you.

Step 2: Your advisor develops strategies that are tailored to your legacy goals.

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Step 3: Your advisor presents your personalized plan and process to you.

Step 4: Your advisor goes to work implementing your tailored plan.

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Step 5: Your advisor demonstrates how to utilize your account and resources.

Step 6: Your advisor works with wealth team experts such as a CPA, attorney, and insurance agent to ensure your plan is implemented to the highest standard.

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Ongoing Strategy

High-touch client service that is proactive and personalized to help you stay on track.

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